Did Buffalo Chicken Wings Originate in Buffalo?

March 23, 2017 2:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Buffalo Chicken Wings

There is some controversy over where exactly buffalo chicken wings began. However, it seems safe to say it all did start in Buffalo, New York. Let’s look at both claimants to the discovery of this savory football Sunday favorite. Most foodies trace the wings back to Buffalo’s Anchor Bar, owned by Frank and Teressa Bellissimo. The first version goes something along the lines of their son, Dominic, coming in with friends for a snack. Teressa had some wings for soup stock, but doused them with hot sauce and threw them in the broiler instead.

Dominic Bellissimo says that isn’t how it went at all. His story starts on a busy Friday night at the chicken restaurant and bar. Apparently, most of the customers were Catholics and did not eat meat on Fridays. However, some did hang around until midnight so that they could get the meat they missed the day before. According to Dominic, his mother grabbed what they had, which was chicken wings, and doctored them up before frying them.

As a third version among the family members, Frank Bellissimo said it was much more mundane that either of those versions. The New Yorker reported in 1980 that they received the wings by accident instead of other chicken parts. After contemplating how to use them up, Teressa came up with the hot sauce idea. And the rest, is at least one version of history.

There was a black restaurant owner named John Young in Buffalo who also claimed to have invented chicken wings, but no one truly knows anything for sure except that this is one tasty dish that soon became popular on a national scale. Buffalo Wild Wings was started by Buffalo natives in Ohio and the chain has stores in almost every state. The real break for Buffalo Wings came when the Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl every year between 1990 and 1993, and the popularity of eating chicken wings during football was born.

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