Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials

Need to grab a fast meal that isn’t your typical fast food? Stop in at Chick-N-Pizza Works for one of our lunch specials,

If you’re craving pizza but also want some greens, you can get a personal 10-inch pizza with one topping plus a side salad. Our pizza specials also include a basic 2-slice meal with cheese or pepperoni pizza. If you can’t decide between pizza and chicken, choose both with one of our combination deals: 5 chicken wings or 2 chicken tenders, plus a slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza.

For those days when you’re sure you want just chicken, we’ve got two meals to choose from. One is a full plate of fried chicken, coleslaw, a roll, and either mashed potatoes or fries. Choose white or dark meat as you please. The other has 3 chicken tenders and fries, perfect for days that call for a quick lunch.

The restaurant deals don’t stop there. Try our 8-inch deli sub, with a choice of meats including salami, ham, turkey, or even tuna. Mix and match assorted meats for a customized sandwich and grab a bag of chips as well. Or, get the taco meal with a beef taco that’s fully wrapped for neater eating, plus steak fries to nibble on the side.

Our restaurant specials are made fresh every day. Eat in, or phone in your order for pickup or delivery. You’ll love our lunch deals!

Personal Pizza

10” Personal Pizza w/ Topping Pizza with a small tossed salad & a Coke®


8" Deli Sub

Choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, tuna, cappicola, assorted, or salami with a bag of chips & a  Coke®


2 pc Chicken

With mashed potatoes or French fries, coleslaw, roll & a Coke® Thigh Leg or Breast Wing


Slice & 5 Wings

Slice of Cheese & Pepperoni 3 Wings & a Coke® 


(5 Wings 14.99)


2 slices of cheese & pepperoni with a Coke®


3 Chicken Tenders

French fries,& a Coke®


2 Chicken Tenders & Slice

Slice of cheese & pepperoni pizza, 2 chicken tenders & a Coke


Beef Taco

With steak fries & a Coke®