The Magnum Challenge at Chick-N-Pizza Works!

September 1, 2016 1:53 pm Published by Comments Off on The Magnum Challenge at Chick-N-Pizza Works!

Pizza at Chick-N-Pizza

Looking for a challenge? Looking for a good pizza? Love it when two things you’re looking for intersect? Then the Magnum Challenge is for you. The Magnum is a 29-inch pizza weighing approximately 11 lbs. You can order the Magnum at the Chick-N-Pizza Works! locations in Buffalo (129 Abbot Rd, 716-823-1300) and Cheektowaga (2940 Union Rd, 716-683-2750), but the challenge can only be undertaken at the Cheektowaga location.

Like many great ideas in history, the Magnum Challenge has its roots in a mistake. In 1986, owner John Fortini’s father received a 36-inch conveyor oven by mistake when he ordered an 18-inch oven. Rather than send the oven back he decided to keep it. He then had an oversized pizza pan crafted out of anodized aluminum by a machinist friend. The pan was large enough for the 29-inch pizza, nearly the size of two sheet pizzas, which was cut into 44 pieces and dubbed the Magnum. After that, the Magnum Challenge was born.

The challenge: you and a friend, two toppings, unlimited soda, no bathroom breaks. If you can eat the entire Magnum pizza in one hour you win a free meal (the pizza you just ate), two $25 gift cards (one for each competitor), and your picture on the Wall of Fame. There are no real losers as you still get to enjoy the great pizza pie even if you can’t finish it in under an hour.

The Magnum Challenge isn’t the only item of interest at Chick-N-Pizza Works! From two-to-five-piece chicken dinners and 16-inch submarines to award winning fresh baked pizza Chick-N-Pizza Works! has a menu chalked full of items sure to delight available for dine-in or take-out. Catering is available as well.

If you’re up for a challenge grab a friend and try to tackle the Magnum Challenge!