National Chicken Wing Day on July 29

June 15, 2017 11:04 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Chicken Wings at Chick-N-Pizza
The National Chicken Wing Day is an annual celebration that is held on the 29th of July. The day is set aside to celebrate the love of chicken wings by Americans. This is evidenced by the 1.23 billion wings that were consumed during the Super Bowl weekend and the 27 billion chicken wings that were eaten in the whole of 2013.
The history of the National Chicken Wing Day dates back to 1964. There was a group of friends; one was a son to a couple that owned a bar in Buffalo, New York. When the friends wanted a late-night bite to eat, the mother deep-fried several chicken wings. She then put them in butter and hot sauce, creating an instant hit that went on to be sold in restaurants.
How to Enjoy Chicken Wings
There are several ways in which chicken lovers can enjoy wings in a chicken restaurant. Depending on personal preference, you can choose plain, sticky sweet or hot and spicy wings. The wings can be served with plum sauce, celery sticks, and blue cheese, giving you more choice over how you want to enjoy your meal. Some of the common flavors you will enjoy are lemon pepper, barbecue, garlic, pepper Parmesan, honey mustard and sweet-and-sour.
Our Famous Chicken Wings
At Chick-N-Pizza, we different chicken wings that are designed to cater to the unique tastes of our customers. These are Traditional, Chick-N-Bites and Battered wings. While the traditional are cooked to golden perfection and dipped in sauce, Chick-N-Bites are boneless that feature breading cooking. The Battered wings are marinated in chicken batter before they are fried and tossed in sauce. In every case, you will have the option of choosing the source you prefer.
How to Order
Chick-N-Pizza allows customers to order for chicken wings in some ways. By visiting our restaurants, you will be able to order directly. However, other customers can request deliveries through phone orders or by ordering online through our website.