Our Chicken

Chicken at Chick-N-Pizza

When it comes to the most delicious chicken in the Buffalo area, the chicken dishes from Chick-N-Pizza cannot be topped!

The Fresh Chicken Breast Tenders are succulently marinated, lightly breaded with our famous recipe, and served with the greatest of care. They make a perfect pairing with either fries or cole slaw to deliver a delicious and filling meal.

Furthermore, Buffalo Wings are called Buffalo Wings for a reason. This New York restaurant serves up the most delicious chicken wings anyone has ever tested. The traditional wings are always large, fresh, and cooked to perfection. For those who prefer a cleaner option, the Chick-N-Bites are a great option. Cooked with the same care, these small, crispy, fresh chicken bites are packed with flavor. Both of these dinner options are shaken with any one of several delicious sauces. From the spiciest of options to cheesy parmesan, tangy honey mustard, and powerful garlic, these chicken dishes go well with any of these flavors.

Why not mix the tenders and wings and order the delicious Buffalo Platter? Coming with a sandwich, 2 chicken tenders, and 5 wings, this is perfect for people looking to sample some of everything! Of course, choose the sauce with the wings!

For people looking to feed a crowd, these chicken tender and chicken wing options are perfect for sharing with family and friends. The chicken tender entrees can come with as many as 100 pieces from a choice of breast, wing, thigh, and leg pieces. Furthermore, whether white or dark meat is desired, both are available!