Pizza Consumption Around the World

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Pizza Consumption Around the World

Pizza is an American favorite pie. With pizza restaurants offering pizzas with an array of toppings, there is no denying that people love pizza. That said, below are fascinating facts about worldwide pizza consumption:

  • Of all the pizza orders, 36 percent want their pizza with a pepperoni topping.
  • In the last one month, 93 percent of Americans have eaten pizza.
  • Saturday is the most popular night for eating pizza.
  • Women are twice likely to order pizza with vegetable toppings compared with men.
  • Americans consume approximately 350 slices of pizza per second or 100 acres of pizza in one day.
  • Pizzerias represent 17 percent of all restaurants worldwide.
  • In America, anchovies are the least favorite pizza toppings.
  • Men who wear muscle shirts while answering the door are 3 times more likely to order a pepperoni pizza compared to any other kind of pizza.
  • Moreover, the pizza championship goes to Patrick Bertolleti! He holds the world record for consuming 47 slices of 16-inch pizzas in 10 minutes.
  • America holds the record of the largest pizza in the world that was consumed by over 30,000 people in Havana, Florida. The 44,457 LB pizza had 90,000 slices.
  • With 3 billion pizzas sold annually, pizza is approximated to generate $30 billion in the food industry.


Favorite Global Pizza Toppings

  • In Amsterdam, the coffee shop kingdom loves hot dogs on their pizza.
  • Open a Japanese pizza box, and chances are you’ll find a squid.
  • In Costa Rica, their pizzas have coconut.
  • The Australian pizza has pineapple, shrimp, and BBQ sauce.
  • In India, they like their pizza with minced button, pickled ginger, and tofu.
  • The Brazilian pizza has green peas sprinkled on it.
  • The French combo is onion, bacon, and fresh cream.
  • In Saudi Arabia, since pork is not consumed, beef is their favorite.
  • The Russian way is to mix tuna, sardines, mackerel, red onions, and salmon.
  • In China, try the eel pizza.
  • The Germans way is the side up egg on the pizza.


Bottom Line

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Pizza Around The World

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