Six Things We Love About Pizza

September 26, 2016 2:57 pm Published by Comments Off on Six Things We Love About Pizza

Things We Love About Pizza

Pizza is more than just an easy take-out option; pizza can provide comfort and satisfy your cravings, and a good slice seems designed to hit the spot any time of the day or night. So what makes pizza the perfect food?

1. The options are endless.

From a standard plain cheese pizza to a pie with the works, pizza is endlessly customizable; the options are truly limited only by the diner’s imagination. Are you in the mood for something a little sweet and a little savory? A Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple is the answer. Are you feeling adventurous? Then it’s the perfect opportunity to try a pierogi pizza with mashed potatoes, sour cream and onion. And of course, the classic pepperoni pizza is a standard for a reason.

2. It’s the perfect dinner–or lunch, or breakfast, or late night snack.

Warm or cold, pizza works for every meal, from a personal pie for breakfast to a slice for bedtime snack.

3. Pizza is designed to bring people together.

Whether you’re on a first date at a romantic pizzeria or hosting a family reunion at home, pizza is the one food almost everyone can agree on.

4. It’s the perfect vehicle to highlight the wonders of cheese.

From standard mozzarella to cheddar and even blue cheese, pizza medium for getting yummy, gooey cheese into your mouth.

5. It’s one of the only foods that can claim true international appeal.

Pizza is universally loved with hundreds of regional specialties, from avocado and eel in Japan to deep-fried pizza in Scotland to minced beef and Beyaz cheese in Turkey.

6. Great pizza is readily available from anywhere.

Don’t feel like leaving your couch? With so many options for delivery, a hot, fresh pizza is just a phone call (or mouse click) away.

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